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Welcome to Arecon's website.

This site  presents Arecon's professional services. For over  twenty years Arecon has been successfully serving our clients.  Over this time Arecon's project experience and reputation has grown impressively. Arecon looks forward to helping our clients meet their project management, engineering and design and environmental consulting needs.

Arecon operates under two basic principles: diligence and integrity. We are committed to providing cost effective services, which allow industries to remain competitive without adversely affecting the environment. Formed in 1989, Arecon operates with a purpose of providing professional environmental, engineering & design and project management services.

Arecon is ahead of the curve in environmental sample collection!

Arecon has been a NJDEP certified laboratory since 1994. We sought the certification because of the NJDEP “analyze immediately” requirement for parameters such as conductivity, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature. An aqueous sample (i.e. groundwater sample) requiring analysis for an immediate parameter must be analyzed within 15 minutes by a NJDEP certified laboratory. Because of Arecon’s certification, our field services are compliant with the NJDEP requirements.

For years many firms without NJDEP laboratory certification have implemented environmental sampling plans that included “analyze immediately” parameters. This data is not valid! In June of this year the NJDEP issued a memo titled “Clarification of Analytical Method Certification Requirements for SRP”. The memo refers the regulated community to http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/regs/techrule/analytic method cert reg.htm of the NJDEP website. The link “….. serves as a reminder that laboratories or companies involved in any laboratory or field activity that generate and/or provide analytical data must have all applicable certifications for the specific parameters …..” Arecon has been following this requirement since 1994.

Environmental investigations and cleanups are costly. Why risk the quality of your data by using a non NJDEP certified to collect your environmental samples?

We are proud to announce two new certifications (A901 and LSRP).

The A901 and the LSRP certifications allow Arecon to better serve our clients. Keep in mind that Arecon also has the following New Jersey certificates/licenses:

  • NJDEP UST Certified Firm
  • Licensed N4 Operators
  • NJ Certificate of Authorization for Engineering,
  • NJDEP Certified Laboratory (for all of the parameters required to satisfy the NJDEP's "immediate analysis"
  • Professional Engineers and Surveyors
  • NJDEP Subsurface and UST Professionals
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professionals

Combining the license and certifications with 20 years of project experience and Arecon is a valuable resource available for your project needs.


A901 Certification

Arecon is proud to announce that it holds a A New Jersey A901 certificate that complements as its waste logistics services. Arecon is proud of its waste logistic experience. Our staff is RCRA, DOT, HAZWOPER, HAZCOM, NJ Transit, and rail trained. Additionally, or field personnel are part of a medical monitoring program. The combination of training and medical monitoring protect our staff and our clients.

Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)

Our professional staff has been preparing for the new changes to New Jersey's site remediation program as part of the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) that went into effect November 4, 2009. Our group has attended seminars, classes and has had round table discussions in preparation for this sweeping new legislation.

No longer is the voluntary clean up program in place under the memorandum or agreement (MOA). Instead SRRA will require responsible parties to hire Licensed Site Remediation Specialists. We are proud to provide our clients our project experience, continuously trained staff and LSRP that will assures compliance with the new requirements of the site remediation regulations.







NJDED is enforcing its requirements for certification of samples collected that require "immediate analysis". As a NJDEP certified laboratory since 1994 Arecon has been in compliance with the requirement long before most of its competition!

We are proud to announce two new certifications that will allow Arecon to better service our New Jersey Clients:

  • A901 Certification
  • LSRP Certification

Arecon is now providing Child Care Center Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI) services!  more......

Child Care Center Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI) Form   click here ....

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