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Project Management

Arecon's extensive project experience combines multi disciplines to optimize resources and develop creative solutions to the most challenging projects.

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Environmental Consulting

Arecon environmental consulting services are important to our clients in developing sound environmental strategies.  Arecon assists its clients in property transfer, site closure, regulatory affairs and risk assessment.

Arecon negotiates property transfers ranging from from  simple transactions to complex transfers involving fortune 500 companies, international companies and with local state and federal agencies. 

A cornerstone to property transfers, and infact most environmental projects is identifying areas of potential concern (AOC). AOCs are identified with with an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).Click on the following link for information Arecon's ESA service.

Environmental Site Assessments

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Engineering and Design

Arecon has expert experience in engineering and design. Whether is it basic subdivisions, lot consolidation or complex site improvements, Arecon is the firm for your project. Arecon has designed many treatment systems as part of its environmental projects.  Some highlights are:

  • Treatment system for polishing final effluent to remove Arsenic below discharge permit limits.
  • Treatment system for leachate from a superfund landfill
  • Upgrading of a conventional waste water treatment system for treating electroplating wastewater
  • Treatment system for groundwater generated from a pump and treat remediation system
  • Hexavalent Chromium groundwater treatment system

Here are a few of Arecon's Case Studies:



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